Amyris Balsamifera is a small tree commonly called “West Indian sandalwood”. The plant botanical classification has long been controversial because its fragrance has a woody dimension similar to sandalwood. Indigenous people traditionally called amyris wood “candlewood” due to a high essential oil content that causes it to be highly flammable. Haitian fishermen used it as “torches” at night to go sea crabs hunting. Country dwellers also used it as a source of light to help them find their way before sunrise.

Our Oil

Our oil is processed from dead dried wood collected from the field by well trained farmers. This process is carefully monitored to ensure only the right quality of raw material is collected. The wood is chipped and grinded then steam-distilled using purified water. The resulting essential oil is carefully filtered to make sure that our Amyris Oil is 100% pure and natural. The optical rotation of our oil ranks between +25 and +40


Our minimum order is 200 KG CFR ANY DESTINATION. 
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